Kashflow Accounting Software

Your cash flow, and the effective management of it, is imperative to the financial health of your business. One of the first decisions you’ll make when starting out in any new business is what accounting software to use.

At My Virtual Assistant, we deal with many different customers, using varying systems and programmes to complete their basic book keeping. From basic spreadsheets, to complex systems such as Sage, we’ve seen it all. Our favourite has become Kashflow. It’s incredibly simple and designed specifically for small businesses.

Kashflow is an online system which has several overriding benefits, firstly your accounts are held online so you can access them from any computer with a browser (after entering your secure login details). This means several things; if your computer should crash you haven’t lost everything, you can give access to your virtual assistant or book keeper to enter information and you can give access to your accountant to compile their required information. As there is one live copy of the accounts, the changes are available instantly to all your team so you don’t have multiple out of date copies everywhere.

Secondly, as you pay a monthly subscription for Kashflow, rather than a large upfront software cost, it is easier to budget as a small monthly fee. Critically within this fee the software upgrades are included. Anyone who has purchased accountancy software in the past will know that purchasing upgrades is necessary when you have several people updating your accounts at different locations. Generally the software is not backwardly compatible so as soon as one person upgrades, you all have to and upgrades can be very costly.

What is more, you get to try before you buy. You don’t even have to give a credit card number that you might later forget to cancel should you decide to use an alternative program. Try it today completely free at: http://www.kashflow.co.uk



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