3 More Tips to Build Your Newsletter Subscriber List

1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services with a link to sign up to your newsletter. Again, don’t just add everyone to your newsletter list but introduce yourself by email and ask if they would like to subscribe.

2. Run a joint venture with a complimentary business. Chose a business that provides services to a similar target market, for example small businesses. Include a link in your newsletter for readers to opt into the other businesses list, in exchange for their running an opt in for your newsletter on theirs.

3. It’s simple but very effective, include an opt in form on every page of your web site. It’s also worth checking your web statistics to see where people leave your web site. Check the last page they view before they leave and make sure there is a note asking them to sign up for your newsletter at the bottom of this page.

For more tips visit: https://my-virtualassistant.co.uk/my-virtual-assistant-news/hints-and-tips-ezine-archive/articles/15-tips-to-build-your-newsletter-subscriber-list/



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