Business Class Virtual Switchboard Service – For FREE!

Switchboardfree is a completely free, business class inbound call manager for home based and small businesses that ensures you never miss a call and gives your company a big business feel

  • FREE virtual PBX Phone System
  • You instantly get a live 084 number and you can change your settings in real time
  • You can redirect to UK landlines for free
  • Call Whisper system – so you know it’s a business call if you divert the line to your home landline
  • Voicemails sent to you email address
  • You can set your business hours, so out of hours calls are sent to voicemail – your home phone line wont even ring!
  • There are no contracts, no bills, no setup fees and no monthly charge
  • There’s no change to your existing number or billing
  • You’ll get that big business feel at no cost
  • You can track your marketing and advertising for free
  • There’s a free departmental option (Press 1 for this, and 2 for that)
  • Free integration with Google Analytics
  • You can get unlimited redirects to a mobile for only £9.97 a month
  • There’s nothing to download or install
  • There are free iPad and iPhone apps
  • Based in the UK, with in-house UK support

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